Worth The Wait? Why GT Sport Will Be The Best Driving Simulation Game Ever


corroios3h ago

The reality is that the GT is a juggernaut of a franchise. I have no doubts that GT Sports will set standards and will brake every single record in sales this Gen.

Some gamers will see that they can pump 5 of 6 games and still arent able to have the same impact worldwide that GT Sport will have.

More, the PR talk about 4k60 frames, real 4k and so on will have no impact whatsoever in the sales of the game.

It will destroy the idea that the 4k marketing tool will be somekind of magic sauce that will save them.

«that game isnt real 4k and mine is» means zero for the average gamer.

I could say that the next GT will sell 10 millions copies and maybe im still far away of the reality.

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