White nationalists’ latest tactic to recruit college students: paper flyers and tape | World news


White nationalist groups are making an unprecedented effort to recruit American college students by sneaking around campuses and putting mildly offensive posters on the walls. To spread their message of the power and glory of white civilization, they are using computer printouts and tape.

Under cover of darkness, the groups put up posters with slogans like “America is a white nation”, “Let’s Become Great Again”, “Serve Your People”, or “Our Destiny is Ours”. One group, which asks members to affirm their “non-semitic heritage”, splashes its slogans over black-and-white photos of marble icons, such as Michelangelo’s David, who is, of course, a famous Jewish hero. That group, Identity Evropa, tweets out photos of its paper conquests, proudly displaying the images it has deposited in the midst of advertisements for college improv performances, math tutors, Bible study groups and open mic nights. The group calls the effort “Project Siege”.

A young Identity Evropa member in Washington DC could not even identify all the marble faces of the “great white men” on the propaganda posters he was helping to disseminate. But white nationalist posters on liberal college campuses spark outrage and widespread media coverage – delivering outsized returns on a flimsy investment.

There have been at least 220 white nationalist flyer incidents at 144 different campuses across the country over the past year, according the Southern Poverty Law Center, which tracks hate group activity.

This flyer tactic has been a “quite new” development, said Heidi Beirich, an SPLC analyst, and one that coincided with Donald Trump’s political rise. “We haven’t seen this kind of campus outreach in the 20 years…

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