The boy who recreated La La Land to ask Emma Stone to prom


If you want to ask Emma Stone to prom, you need to stand out from the crowd.

So 17-year-old Jacob Staudenmaier from Arizona recreated the opening scene from her Oscar-winning La La Land – and it’s gone viral.

The teenager and friends sang along to “Another Day of Sun,” swapping the original lyrics for new ones asking the 28-year-old to his school dance.

Just like the film, it features cars stuck in traffic.

Although in this version, they seem to be in the school car park rather than on a highway in LA.

“I need a date to prom,” he sings in the choreographed performance.

“Jacob Staudenmaier is my name… Emma Stone if you came, I think I’d lose it, go insane.”

He also says people think he looks like her La La Land co-star Ryan Gosling, although he admits “maybe that’s a bit far fetched”.

The actress is originally from Jacob’s town of Phoenix so maybe, just maybe she could fit the date in during a visit home.

“Please don’t let me down,” he goes on in the two minute video.

“I hope you’ll want to come on down. I’ll see your face and think of how I got so lucky.”

At the end, he offers a bouquet of white flowers as his friends hold up signs saying “Prom?”.

Awww go on Emma!

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