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Russia bans image of Putin with red lips, heavy makeup



This very colorful image of Russian President Vladimir Putin has gone viral on the Internet. Aaron Dickens reports.

Russia has banned an image of President Vladimir Putin with a full face of makeup.

In the photograph, Putin has painted eyes, red lips and the caption reads, “They say there are many of them, but there aren’t any among the people I know, The Moscow Times reports.

The Justice Ministry formally added the image last week to its index of banned extremist materials.

Court records say the photo showing Putin in makeup “hints at the Russian president’s allegedly nonstandard sexual orientation,” according to The Moscow Times.

It is not clear exactly which image has been banned but it is believed to be one similar to one used on signs during protests against Russia’s anti-gay laws, the Guardian reports.

Giving minors information about homosexuality has been illegal in Russia since 2013.

Dmitry Peskov, the Kremlin’s press secretary, told the state-run news agency Tass that he had not seen the image.

“Our legislation has, so to say, a certain code defending a citizen’s honor and dignity, including those of the president. Individuals need to be guided by these norms, so unfortunately, I can say nothing,” Peskov said.

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