Online shoppers embracing speedy checkout options (but still not mobile wallets)


Visa Checkout, Amazon Payments and PayPal One Touch have all reported solid growth this year.

Manuel Blondeau/Corbis via Getty Images

Apple Pay so far hasn’t inspired people to burn their wallets, but there’s one type of newer digital payment that’s gaining traction.

Visa on Thursday said Visa Checkout now has over 20 million enrolled customers. That’s double from 10 million around the same time last year, but still a fraction of Visa’s 2.5 billion total issued cards.

Visa announcement made it the third major online checkout service to report positive growth this year. These services, which include PayPal One Touch and Amazon Payments, let folks pay for stuff online without needing to constantly type in their card information, addresses or log-ins. Cutting out these steps makes it easier and faster for people to finish a purchase online or on mobile, which as good news for both customers and retailers.

“The numbers on the consumer side are accelerating,” Sam Shrauger, Visa’s senior vice president of digital solutions, said. “I think we feel pretty good about our trajectory.”

While the adoption numbers are still small in the bigger scheme of the banking and credit-card industries, they show that these three companies may have found at least one useful new payment service, after tech and payments companies whipped up dozens of apps and options for consumers that may just be confusing people. Mobile wallets like Apple Pay and Samsung Pay, meanwhile, still face slow and low adoption as many shoppers see no…

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