Microsoft releases details of Project Scorpio console


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Microsoft used Forza Motorsport to show off the prototype Scorpio hardware

Microsoft has released some of the specifications for its new console – known as Project Scorpio.

The software giant shared the details with tech news sites Digital Foundry and Eurogamer.

The console has reportedly been designed from the start to make newer games playable at ultra-high 4K resolutions and at high frame rates.

The console’s graphics chip uses 40 high-speed processing cores to produce the high-definition images.

Detailed specifications shared with the websites reveal that the hardware inside the console will have a central processor with eight cores that run at 2.3GHz. By contrast, the eight cores in Sony’s PS4 Pro run at 2.1Ghz and those in the Xbox One at 1.75GHz.

The 40 cores in the graphics unit also run at a higher speed than those in the 36 cores in the Sony console and the 12 in the Xbox One. Microsoft said it set itself a target of making the whole device capable of handling six teraflops per second – one it claims to have hit.

Eurogamer estimates that the graphical processing unit inside the Scorpio box is 4.6 times more powerful than the chips in the Xbox One. Just as important, it said, was the amount of memory available to games.

One demo

“That means fast streaming of very high-quality art assets, which will really help at the 4K ultra HD resolutions that Microsoft is gunning for,” said Eurogamer editor Oli Welsh.

However, he added that the magazine’s reporters had seen only one demo, that used a very…

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