Man takes high speed ‘joyride in stolen ambulance’ – tearing down a road and veering onto grass verge


A man allegedly went on a high speed joyride in a stolen ambulance – tearing down a busy road and veering onto grass verges.

Police chased the ‘erratic’ man, capturing footage of the high speed reckless driving on a dashcam.

Armando Vinaja, 18, was taken to hospital after he was found laying down in a ditch after claims he had been driving erratically, according to reports.

But next he allegedly fled the hospital in an ambulance stolen from the Palestine Regional Medical Center, Texas, USA.

TX-Palestine police were then led on a high-speed chase of the man in the ambulance.

A man allegedly left a hospital in a stolen ambulance

Police chased the man and he was arrested after the incident

Dramatic footage shows a group of armed cops shouting “get on the ground” as the suspect eventually stops and leaves the vehicle, on March 31.

Vinaja is charged with driving while intoxicated, reckless driving, unauthorized use of a motor vehicle, and evading arrest detention with a vehicle.

An officer said they saw Vinaja hanging out of the emergency services vehicle and speeding at more than 100mph.

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