Kim Kardashian Selling Kimoji Ass Floatie


Kim Kardashian

Float on My Ass This Summer

Only $98 … Plus Shipping!

4/5/2017 3:27 PM PDT

If you’ve ever compared Kim Kardashian‘s ass to a flotation device, turns out she agreed with you … because it’s literally for sale now.

Kim released a bunch of new Kimoji merch on her site Tuesday — and we noticed she’s selling a pool floatie in the shape of her epic ass, which retails for a cool $98 … plus $10 shipping.

The Butt Pool Float is currently available for pre-order, and will ship as early as June (kinda late, no?). There’s not much of a description for the product either … butt it pretty much speaks for itself.

It’s big, and it floats. Sort of like this.

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