Horrifying injuries of three-year-old boy ‘mercilessly beaten by sick stepfather who stubbed cigarettes out on his face’


Horrifying pictures of a three-year-old boy who was ‘mercilessly beaten by his sick stepfather who stubbed cigarettes out on his face’ have emerged.

The unnamed man has been taken into custody in Thailand – and the toddler taken into care – after the photographs were widely circulated on social media which is being credited at having saved him from ‘further torture’.

The Daily News reports that they were originally taken by a shocked and outraged member of the public.

The unnamed photographer spotted the toddler in the Bang Sao Thong district of the country’s Samut Prakan Province – near Bangkok – with his mother.

She later claimed she hadn’t reported the alleged beatings because she feared for her own safety.

The boy, named as “Ort”, had multiple lacerations on his back and a bad cut to his face as well as a dent in his forehead.

The little boy’s back is badly scarred

Little Ort’s face is likely to be permanently scarred

The toddler also has injuries to his chest

The child’s mother said she feared for her own safety if she reported the cause

The mother accused the stepfather as being a drug user – who had turned ‘violent’ shortly after she had moved in with him and had begun ‘beating the boy repeatedly and hitting his back with sticks and a belt’.

There was also evidence and claims that the boy had ‘cigarettes stubbed out on his face’.

The Daily News reports that the child’s mother “said that she did not dare report the attacks on her son because she was concerned for her own safety.”

There is a deep cut on the little boy’s face


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