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Home World Heartbreaking photo of father holding twins killed in Syria attack

Heartbreaking photo of father holding twins killed in Syria attack



Foreign affairs reporter Oren Dorell explains who is fighting whom in the Syrian Civil War in two minutes.

Images and video of the aftermath of a suspected chemical weapons attack in Syria show the horrific deaths of some of the youngest victims in the ongoing civil war.

The suspected chemical attack, which happened Tuesday, killed more 70 people, including nearly a dozen children. A photo taken on Tuesday, shows a father holding his twin babies who were killed during the attack.

Abdul-Hamid Alyousef, 29, also lost his wife, two brothers, nephews and many other family members in the attack, AP reported. 

“Say goodbye, baby, say goodbye,” Alyousef said as he stroked his children’s hair, AP reported.

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Since Syria’s civil war began six years as a popular revolt against the brutal regime of President Bashar Assad an estimated 500,000 are dead and millions homeless.

Whether it’s images of children turning bomb craters into swimming pools in Aleppo, or rescue workers pulling victims from rubble, when it comes to the civil war in Syria, viral pictures have many times captivated peoples attention more than any story could.

Here are some of the other photos that have helped put a face to the war in Syria: 

The windows are blown out, and rubble from a…

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