Gaming on a Projector: The pros and cons of big-screen gaming


There was a time when a projector was the only possible way of gaming on a decently-sized screen in your living room, but nowadays it’s not uncommon to find televisions themselves sized in excess of 77-inches.

Projectors still might have the edge in terms of maximum possible screen size, but for most reasonably sized living rooms it’s unlikely that you won’t be able to find a television big enough for your needs.

However, the humble projector is still far from redundant for gamers today, and actually possesses a number of key advantages over big-screen televisions that makes it an investment that’s worth looking into.

We’ve been trying out BenQ’s gaming-focussed projector to work out the best and the worst things about using them for gaming, so without further ado here are the top four reasons to consider gaming on a projector, along with the top four reasons you might want to give it a miss.

It won’t be for everyone, but if you’re hankering after an immersive gaming experience then a projector might just be exactly what you need.

The screens get truly massive… 

The first thing people inevitably think of when it comes to projectors is their size. That’s with good reason, having a nice large display is probably the number one reason for opting for a projector over a similarly priced TV.

If you get what’s known as a ‘short-throw’ projector then you can create a massive image without having to place the projector too far away from the wall.

We settled on an 87-inch image by placing the projector around 5 feet away from the projection surface, but if you want a smaller image or want to be able to place your projector on the other side of the room, then a short-throw machine isn’t for you and you…

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