Facebook makes it easier to find groups that brands care about


Now it’s easier to find official groups from brand pages.

Screenshot by Richard Nieva/CNET

If you go to a few brand pages on Facebook, like HBO’s, you might notice a new tab along the left edge of the page: Groups.

It’s an easy to miss addition, but it actually represents a big push for CEO Mark Zuckerberg and his social network — building out Facebook’s platforms for large online communities, instead of just connecting people with friends or family.

Facebook has been testing a way to make it easier to navigate through groups and brand pages (which Facebook also calls Pages, capital P), by allowing administrators to link the two together. For example, if you click on the new groups tab from HBO’s Facebook brand page, you can get to the the official group for the show “Big Little Lies.” That ensures you’re getting to the official group instead of one of the many fan groups.

Right now, more than a billion people use groups and there are 65 million brand pages on Facebook. In February, When Zuckerberg laid out his vision for the future of the company, he specifically called out expanding groups and Pages, and “enabling community leaders to create more meaningful groups for people to connect with.”

To be clear, “groups” are those pockets on Facebook that can include just you and your friends, or millions of people like the Hillary Clinton group Pantsuit Nation. Pages are mostly for brands, artists or organizations. If you follow a page, you get its updates in your news feed.

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