Did John Mayer Just Offer to Take Camila Cabello’s Spot in Fifth Harmony? Why He Thinks The Girl Group Won’t Win as a Quartet


John Mayer is a well-known Harmonizer, but he has doubts about the future of Fifth Harmony‘s success without Camila Cabello

The singer-songwriter shared an admittedly bizarre message via Instagram Live last night, using music theory to explain why hearing fifth harmonies is much more pleasant than hearing four. “So I like Fifth Harmony, but then Camila Cabello left the band and now it’s just this,” he said, using a piano to demonstrate what four versus five notes played in a harmony sounds like. 

Mayer then continued, “If you really wanted to add me, you’d get this,” tacking on a sixth note, “and that’s one too many notes. Point being: Hi, Camila.”

So is John willing to take Camila’s place in the girl group? Or is he just really here for Cabello, who announced her departure from the fivesome last December.

Regardless, this isn’t the first time John has sounded off on the “Work From Home” singers. In fact, shortly after Camila quit the group, he tweeted, “Fifth Harmony is a talented group of young ladies.”

He also voiced his allegiance to one Lauren Jauregui, writing, “Lauren feels like the next star.”

 Then the girls themselves got involved, and…

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