City under siege from pack of aggressive stray dogs with a boy, 12, set upon as he walked to school


A Russian city is under siege from packs of “aggressive stray dogs” with more than 100 reported attacks in just five weeks.

Fearful residents are demanding action from the authorities in Khabarovsk, a city of 589,000 people in eastern Siberia close to the Chinese border.

One 12-year-old boy was set upon by a pack of ten dogs roaming the streets as he walked to school this week.

His mother Tatiana Tsybenko said he could have died if neighbours were not driving past and pulled him into their car.

“I heard my son screaming, and dogs howling and growling,” she said. “Thank God two women who were driving past saw the attack and pulled my boy inside their car.

Residents are under siege, with a scoolboy attacked by the raging pack

“It was my neighbours , I don’t know what would have happened if it wasn’t for them.”

Her son Ivan needed hospital treatment for bites on his legs.

The head of the city’s postal service, Svetlana Kukovyakina said there were “multiple cases of stray dog attacks on postmen” in Khabarovsk.

“They block postmen from reaching postboxes, and create great difficulties for our workers who just do the routine business of delivering pensions and social payments,” she said.

Resident Sergey Shemyakin warned: “We keep seeing packs of stray dogs – they seem to be very well organised indeed.”

His son was attacked returning from school injuring his hands and legs.

Shocking pictures also show the dogs attack people in the street, dragging down grown men

Businessman Oleg Vonti – who led a company hired by local officials to counter the “menace”- said there it was like an “apocalypse” this month because of the hungry strays.

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