Young women left mutilated by St Petersburg bomb attack: horrific details of survivors’ injuries revealed


Horrific accounts of injuries suffered by survivors of the Russian train blast which killed 14 and injured over 60 have emerged.

Two women had their faces wrecked by the St Petersburg terror bomb , which was packed with ball bearings and bolts.

Evelina Antonova’s nose was virtually blown off and her face severely burned.

The 24-year-old graduate’s injuries are so bad she is not recognisable and had forgotten her name after the blast.

Anna Seleznyova, 20, also suffered devastating facial injuries and cannot breathe on her own as she lies in a coma in intensive care, say friends.

She is a student of the Russian Academy of Justice in St Petersburg, and rehabilitation is likely to mean extensive plastic surgery.

Anna Seleznyova suffered devastating facial injuries

Evelina Antonova survived the bombing but was severely injured

The aftermath of the horrific bombing

Evelina was called “victim 511” when she came into Dzhanelidze hospital because her identity was unknown.

“Evelina is in intensive care, she wakes up from time to time but she is very weak,” said an online posting.

“She faces two further surgeries.”

Anna Stuzhina has spoken about her shock as the bomber detonated his device near her

Another victim – formerly a student in London – was Anna Stuzhina, 20, of the Eastern Studies Institute in St Petersburg – was near the suicide bomber when he blew up.

Anna, formerly a student at London Meridian College, a languages school, said: “I was in that very carriage and some three steps away from the epicentre of the explosion but I did not see that man.

“I saw a bright…

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