Wire #SorryBro game will get you addicted and nerve-wrecked at the same time


Ok, the last time this happened was when the first versions of Angry Birds saw light, and millions of people saw nothing but their phone screens for years afterwards. Until enough pigs had been vanquished, you know.

I went to bed last night, intending to play myself to sleep with Ketchapp’s Wire #SorryBro game, at about 22:30h.

At 1:45 I was literally sweating, palms and everything, on the brink of insanity and sending my iPhone on a flight across the room.

“Just another endless-runner type of game”…

 Yeah, right… The game does appear to be nothing too exceptionally different from most endless-runner games, with controls similar to those in Flappy Bird and its “remakes”. There are hundreds of games of this type out there, but few of them have really deserved our attention, for most are too repetitive and similar in how they all feel.

Well, not Wire #SorryBro, ok?

The game is nothing special in terms of graphics or design. You basically have to navigate a “magical wire” to travel through series of challenges and obstacles, without bumping into “dark areas”, i.e. black objects.

That’s pretty much it…

…but it’s so darn addictive!

There are a few things that make this game incredibly addictive to your senses, whether you like it or not.

The game offers 19 unlockable skins, each of which features different music, colors and shapes. Also, the shapes in each skin will shift and change every time you “die” (hit dark objects), making it impossible to remember the track. The shifting background will keep your brain firing and trying to guess the next curve, even after many, many tries. While traveling through different environments, you can also collect diamonds to use for in-app purchases.

If you…

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