What The Final Season Of ‘Girls’ Gets Right About Life In Your Mid-Late 20s


This post was originally published on Forever Twenty Somethings by Samantha Matt.

Is it me or has this been the best season of ‘Girls’ so far? With a missing Shoshanna and a flaky Jessa, you would think the show would be boring only really highlighting the lives of Hannah and narcissistic Marnie, but surprisingly it has been the most captivating season yet (minus the Bushwick party episode, that will forever reign supreme).

Marnie no longer annoys me. She has just become an unlikeable person. She’s that character you hate, and you can’t get annoyed by someone you hate. People annoy you because you struggle to accept their flaws while attempting to like them. People you hate, you just hate. Marnie used to annoy me because I wanted to like her, but now she’s actually the fucking worst (not you Allison Williams, you are fabulous, your character is just awful right now, as you know). Maybe this will change by the finale, but for now, girl bye.

Hannah no longer annoys me either. In fact, I kind of love her. She’s really grown up and definitely has the whole act-like-you-have-your-shit-together-when-you-don’t thing down. Shoshanna isn’t around much, which might be why I find her less annoying, but when she is around, she’s very adult. And she talks slower. It’s like a metaphor for becoming more ‘chill.’ Thankfully, Jessa isn’t around much either. After what she did to Hannah, I really don’t want anything to do with her.

Over the past couple seasons, ‘Girls’ has gotten a lot right about being in your 20s, which is why we feel so connected to the characters. But this season for some reason feels the realest.

Here are nine things this season of ‘Girls’ has gotten right about being in your…

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