‘Undocumented students’ in US face anxious future


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Yale student Larissa Martinez is worried about her future status in the US

Sitting in a lecture hall at the University of California, Los Angeles, Maria Marquez found her mind was wandering.

The history undergraduate was wondering what would happen if she or a member of her family were to be deported from the United States.

“I remember sitting in class and making a list of people I would contact,” she says.

“I made a list of the lawyers I would go to and the paperwork I would need.”

Ms Marquez, 25, is an “undocumented student”. Her family moved from Guadalajara, Mexico to California without papers when she was just three years old and have lived there ever since.

Hundreds of thousands of students are in a similar position. They have succeeded at school, and started university, with dreams of professional careers in fields such as medicine and law.

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A charity in Connecticut is running workshops for migrants fearing deportation

But since the election of President Trump, and his tough talking on illegal immigration, they feel increasingly vulnerable.

The subject of undocumented students’ status has electrified US college campuses since the election.

As students ramp up campaigns for immigrants’ rights, university leaders are appointing full-time immigration lawyers and counsellors to support…

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