Three-week-old baby shot dead in front of brother and sister after gunman opens fire on parents’ car


A three-week-old baby was killed in front of his brother and sister when a gunman opened fire on his parents’ car.

Marcus Thomas Jr died when bullets tore through the parked vehicle in a “targeted” attack.

His dad Marcus Sr was hit four times but survived and two of the baby ‘s siblings who were also in the car were not hurt.

The children’s terrified mum Lasharell Pope then tried to drive the family car to hospital but crashed a short way into the journey.

Heartbroken relatives are now trying to raise $10,000 to cover the infant’s funeral costs.

Detectives examine the car for clues

Baby Marcus died from multiple gunshot wounds during the horrific incident in Las Vegas, according to .

The dead boy’s cousin Ava Loftis said: “His dad was taking (baby Marcus) out of the car seat when these cowards came and shot the car up.

“It’s tearing me up. I can’t even sleep because I keep seeing this innocent itty bitty baby that couldn’t do nothing to nobody and he’s dead for no reason.”

According to US media, detectives believe the killer and victims were known to each other to some extent and this was not a random attack.

The dead boy’s mum tried to drive her family to hospital after the shooting but crashed after a short while

Police are still hunting for the gunman.

The dead baby’s aunt Latiera Pope wrote on a gofundme page : “They had no idea that on that day, they would be facing a tragedy so traumatising that would change their lives forever.

“(This has) taken their sweet precious innocent baby boy away from them.

“My sister is in a really painful place right now but she wants to let everyone know any donation given is gladly…

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