This is why people have fallen in love with Ivanka Trump’s ‘petty’ and ‘smug’ neighbour


Not all heroes wear capes.

Sometimes they sport a decadent fur coat, accessorised with glass of wine in hand and a barely suppressed smile of glee.

The ultimate in #outfitgoals was recently donned by Dianne Bruce, who lives cross the street from Ivanka Trump in Washington DC.

Dianne stepped outside of her house earlier this week as hundreds of LGBTIQ activists gathered outside of Ivanka’s $7.3 million pad to host a “Queer Dance Party for Climate Justice.”

Here she is.

Mary Calvert captured Dianne and shared the photo on Instagram for everyone to enjoy.

Last week President Donald Trump signed an executive order dramatically altering and repealing the measures put into place by Barack Obama to tackle climate change.

While Dianne did not join in the LGBTIQ community’s protest at the Trump administration’s regressive environmental policies and general disregard for their rights, she certainly captured everyone’s attention.

Just a few days ago she was simply an anonymous, wealthy resident of Washington DC’s Kalorama neighborhood.

Now, she’s become something of a sensation as quite literally thousands have delighted in “Ivanka Trump’s Petty Neighbour.”

Most people aren’t adverse to having a nosy to see what all the commotion is about round at their neighbour’s house.

Few people, however, manage to be so polished and joyful.

The First Daughter has come increasingly under fire for her actions.

Criticism was most recently levelled at her following the announcement she would become an adviser without a specific title, but with an office in the West Wing, a government-issued phone and computer and security clearance to access classified information.

But what are Dianne’s thoughts at becoming something of…

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