These are all our children. This is every parent’s horror. This is every nation’s responsibility – Fleet Street Fox


Imagine if a terrorist launched a nerve gas attack on a British playground.

The screams, the panicked dash to the school gates, the camera phone footage of children choking to death on their own mucus.

Picture a parent holding two dead children in their arms, begging the world to see .

Think of a doctor so desperate and angry that he is forced to tweet images of dead children’s eyes to prove the symptoms of a sarin attack, begging for oxygen, begging for atropine.

Consider a hospital that has run out of ventilators, faced with patients who need help to breathe.

Imagine 20 little bodies, lined up in a row.

And around them dozens of adults, all civilians, all innocent, all slaughtered for no Earthly reason. Simply a wish to inculcate fear.

Then imagine the world turning its back on us.

A child gets treatment at a hospital

Listen to Boris Johnson say we have to find a political settlement with the killers.

Watch Theresa May say she’s appalled, then authorise Downing Street to rule out any kind of retaliation.

Hear Vladimir Putin say someone else must have put some sarin near the playground, which was a perfectly legitimate target.

Sigh as Donald Trump says it can’t be ignored, because you know that’s exactly what he’ll do.

This is what happened in Khan Shekhoun. It happened in Ghouta, it happened to the Yazidi and the Kurds and the Marsh Arabs. It happened in Idlib and Iraq and Rwanda and Somalia and Sudan. A bad thing happened, the world looked, and the world looked away.

British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson

A Syrian child receives treatment at a small hospital in the town of Maaret al-Noman

If it were us, we would want the world…

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