Stefano Gabbana Lashes Out At Followers Who Criticize His Trump Support


Stefano Gabbana has supported Melania Trump on Instagram several times recently, and he has harsh words for anyone who has a problem with that.

The Italian designer, who’s one half of the luxury fashion house Dolce & Gabbana, posted a photo on Tuesday of the First Lady’s first official White House portrait. In the picture, Trump is wearing a black Dolce & Gabbana blazer. 

“Beautiful,” Gabbana wrote in post, while also thanking FLOTUS and including the hashtags “DGWoman,” “MelaniaTrump and “MadeInItaly.”

Both praise and criticism of the designer quickly followed. 

One follower who disliked the photo wrote, “The LGBT community have been fighting so hard against these people for their rights. How can you. Unfollow, boycott.” 

Gabbana, who is openly gay and has been criticized by LGBT publications for his support of the Trumps in the past, fired back in Italian, writing “vai a cagare,” which translates to “go to hell.” A spokesperson for Dolce & Gabbana said the label has no comment. 

Carly Ledbetter/Huffington Post

He also told a few other followers to “go to hell” in Italian.

Carly Ledbetter/Huffington Post

Carly Ledbetter/Huffington Post

When another user said the photo made Gabbana lose both a follower and an admirer, the designer simply responded “i don’t care!! Really.”   

Carly Ledbetter/Huffington Post

Gabbana, who admitted in the comments that he manages his own Instagram account, defended dressing Melania, writing in Italian that the picture didn’t have anything to do with policy or politics. 

Despite the criticism, the majority of people writing on Gabbana’s account praised the designer for posting the photo of Trump. 

“It’s funny that…

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