Police officer shoots and kills suspected truck thief in shocking bodycam footage


Shocking bodycam footage captured the moment an alleged thief was shot dead by police.

Cops in Oklahoma released video of the fatal shooting of George Seeton, 38, who sparked a police chase when he ignored a request to pull over in a suspected stolen pickup truck.

Police officer Jarrod Jackson captured the moment Seeton was gunned down by authorities after he crashed the vehicle in a front garden.

Footage from the officer’s bodycam showed him in pursuit of Seeton when he told the radio “He’s crashing out, he’s crashing out”.

The Oklahoma police officer fired his gun after a suspected truck thief began reversing towards him

He then exits the car and runs towards the truck along with a highway patrol officer when the vehicle begins to reverse.

Both officers then open fire at Seeton who was killed at the scene.

Footage showed the officers shouting “get your hands up” before officer Jackson reports “shots fired”.

The shooting took place on March 4.

The fatal shooting was captured on police bodycam

In a joint press conference on Tuesday, Oklahoma City Police Captain Paco Balderrama said the footage had been released following an initial investigation into the shooting.

He said: “We feel that we’re very lucky that we did not get a trooper or a police officer hurt or killed in this incident because it was a very dangerous situation.”

He added the case had been passed to the district attorney to determine whether the shooting was justified.

The force will also probe the actions of officer Jackson to check if he followed correct guidelines, it added.

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