Overwatch director Jeff Kaplan on Xbox Project Scorpio and more


XMarkstheSpot35m ago(Edited 27m ago)

Only on N4G you can go from the beginning of this gen where everyone on all sides shot down PC players saying why get a PC when you can play the same games just as good on a cheaper PS4, without hackers, glitches, whatever the hell ppl spouted / calling them PC elitist(That was a very common thing to read when these consoles just came out and everyone drooled over the almighty PS4), and never once said just get a PC over a console to play, to now that Xbox is syncing with PC, and a beast is coming, the tone is why not just get a PC.

Edit: As for achievements are they not linked? If I where to play GoW4 on my PC wouldn’t they show on an Xbox too?”

To an extent. There are hardly any PC games with achievments except a couple Xbox Exclusies like GoW4(Not like your going to play it on Steam or PS4 other then through an Xbox linked account) but what about Battlefield, Rainbow Six, Destiny, games like that, those don’t link. Only a handful of games on PC are Xbox Live compatible, most being atm desktop/ mobile games.

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