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Once again, horrific images in Syria stun, but little may change



Powerful images out of Syria reveal the sad impact violence has had on the nation. Some of the images in the video may be disturbing.

The world appeared stunned — again.

Harrowing photos from Syria triggered international condemnation after Tuesday’s suspected chemical weapons attack that killed 70 people, including nearly a dozen children.

On Wednesday, President Trump repeatedly cited the pictures of children killed or maimed in the attack and said his attitude toward Syrian leader Bashar Assad’s government “has changed very much … What happened yesterday is unacceptable to me.” The president suggested he would adopt a new policy toward Syria — but declined to provide specifics.

The photos, many of them graphic, are another example of disturbing images associated with a war that won’t end.

Doctors wrapping gauze around the chin of a dazed young boy; tiny babies on respirators. Bodies of the young and the old, some in blankets, others sprawled on dirt. Other images circulating on social media showed men foaming at the mouth, some choking; rescue workers hosing down kids.

The photos “have the capacity to shatter indifference and propel viewers to compassion and action,” said Kari Winter, a professor at the University at Buffalo who studies history, class and violence.

Yet, throughout the war similar images of brutality have captivated the world’s attention, only to fade days later without altering the course of the conflict.


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