‘Offensive’ YouTube advert for mobile war game Mobile Strike banned after featuring plus-size women in bikinis


A ‘sexist’ YouTube advert for a mobile war game which features plus-sized women in bikinis has been banned.

The Mobile Strike ad showed two large breasted women in bikinis on sunloungers playing the game against each other.

A third woman, in a swimsuit, approaches them on her smartphone. She flicks her hair back from her face and stops looking into the camera.

In the final scene, she approached the other two women and stands with one hand on her hip whilst looking and smiling at the two other women having beaten them at the game.

The promotional has now been banned by the advertising watchdog for its “sexually-charged” content which it ruled was “offensive and objectified women”.

Two women are playing Mobile Strike in their bikinis on sunloungers

Machine Zone Inc denied the ad was sexist.

It said: “The intention was to feature ‘real-sized’ women and reference mythical warrior women like Amazons and ‘Wonder Woman,’ as the women were seen making strategic moves in battle against one another.

“They had concerns that the complainant’s objection was the size of the women featured rather than what they were wearing or doing in the ad.

“They suspected that had the women been typically thin models seen in ads, it was unlikely that a complaint would have been made.

“They had decided to feature ‘real-sized women’ as a nod to their diverse player base.

“They said they had run the ad globally for a number of months and had not received any other complaints about it.

A third woman in a swimsuit then approaches them

“In fact, they said they had received considerable support from their players for featuring real-sized women in their ad, as they were often under…

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