NieR Creator Is Tired of The Repetitive Gameplay Found in AAA Titles


Ashunderfire861h ago

Games like Chronicles of Riddick: Escape From Butcher Bay, from the Xbox Original and PC, literally had no repetition in it. It was a whole new experience for 10 hours of constant change in gameplay throughout. Riddick was the first few games where you had the option to get rid of the HUD display, and the first person stealth was amazing. The shadow of the player and looking down at actual moving legs, made the game more realistic. This game was the biggest surprise of 2004 that no one saw coming. Vin Diesel and Starbreeze shock the hell out of us with this masterpiece.

Here take a look:…

That game should of been a AAA game every shooter should follow. When I say follow I mean follow in it’s footsteps of constant change in gameplay formula throughout the 10-12 hours in a shooter.

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