‘Interstellar’ And ‘SNL’ Led To Anne Hathaway And Jason Sudeikis’ Quirky New Monster Movie


A monster movie is never just a monster movie. There’s always a metaphor lurking beneath any creature feature’s surface ― it’s just not usually as odd and intriguing as the one in “Colossal.”

Anne Hathaway plays Gloria, a haphazard New York party animal who’s lost her writing job, her apartment and potentially her boyfriend (Dan Stevens). Returning to her modest hometown in search of a refresh button, Gloria encounters an old classmate, Oscar (Jason Sudeikis), who owns a bar that provides no aid in curbing Gloria’s inebriated tendencies. But things get twisted when Gloria learns a Godzilla-esque kaiju beast in South Korea is mirroring her actions under very specific circumstances. From there, “Colossal” zigs and zags, morphing into clever symbolism about the commanding hand men often attempt to wield over women. It’s one of the year’s best movies to date.

On the afternoon of the film’s New York premiere, The Huffington Post sat down with Hathaway and Sudeikis to discuss “Colossal,” which was written and directed by Nacho Vigalondo (”The ABCs of Death,” “Open Windows”). Along the way, we gabbed about “Interstellar,” “Saturday Night Live,” “The Intern,” being a public figure and how boys are raised to believe the world owes them good fortune.

I went into this movie cold, and I wish everyone could experience it that way. I only knew it was vaguely a monster movie. How was it pitched to you?

Jason Sudeikis: I remember there being a logline on a cover sheet, but I don’t remember what it was. I got it in its full script form, and I remember being delighted by it and very curious as it went because it made some interesting choices right off the bat. I knew the idea of a…

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