If That Was the End of New Girl, It Was the Perfect Way to Go


We don’t want New Girl to be canceled, but if that season finale ends up being the series finale, we’d actually be incredibly satisfied. 

Fox hasn’t made any decisions about a season seven yet, meaning tonight’s episode could have been the end of the show for good. But if that ends up being the case, that was pretty much a perfect series finale, featuring all of the best and most classic sitcom tropes, with a modern New Girl twist. 

First, Cece’s (Hannah Simone) pregnant! And just for fun, she was the last person to find out, because other people kept answering her cell, and Sadie’s (June Diane Raphael) not exactly the most professional when it comes to giving sensitive personal information out over the phone. 

Even Schmidt (Max Greenfield) found out before she did, and abandoned Nick (Jake Johnson) at a meeting with a publisher who wanted to publish his book, The Pepperwood Chronicles. But it turned out to be great, because Schmidt greeted Cece with dozens and dozens of flowers and got to tell her the news himself. 

And then there was Jess (Zooey Deschanel), who snuck into Nick’s book reading only to hear him saying that Pepperwood and Jessica would never get together. So she snuck back out, and missed him revealing that Pepperwood had screwed up too many times for her to ever take him back. 

She even moved all of her stuff out of the apartment, planning to just leave without even seeing him again. Everyone told Nick he was crazy, and everyone told Jess she was crazy, and…

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