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Allen Iverson mocks his own practice rant


The Atlanta Braves were able to get Hall of Famer Allen Iverson to star in a video promoting their new stadium. In it, Iverson pokes fun at his own famous practice rant, except this time he’s asking why reporters are asking talking about parking.

Even before his “parking rant,” the laugh he lets out when asked about a comeback is fantastic. It’s a great video.

Here’s the original rant:

Iverson has actually explained why he wound up going on that practice rant back in April after he was named to the 2016 Basketball Hall of Fame class. He said that going into that press conference, his best friend had just died and on top of that, he was dealing with trade rumors, so what he really wanted to do was tell reporters about how much he loves Philadelphia and how he never wants to play anywhere else.

However, Iverson instead got a question about practice, and that annoyed him. He said that if they had asked him about anything else, like lasagna, “I would’ve kept saying ‘Lasagna.’ I was already on edge. I was already mad.”

Anyway, you can catch Iverson involved in the basketball world again this summer. He’s going to be a coach in Ice Cube’s new Big3 summer 3-on-3 league with other former NBA players.

You can see photos of the new stadium over at USA TODAY Sports.

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