A New Harry Potter RPG Could Be In Development From Warner Bros.


Taero3h ago(Edited 3h ago)

Damn, just make an actual game set in universe. I don’t know why they think that only following the books makes a thrilling game, I want to make a character, be found, go to Hogwarts, be part of a giant adventure that isn’t about Voldemort etc. I think they forget sometimes that they have this giant world that they could expand on (with JKR approval obv.) Take us to Durmstrang, Beaubaxtons, different continents, forests and ancient civilations etc. As flawed as it is in parts, imagine a fantasy ME:A with spells instead of skills, going on quests, MoM as the Nexus/Citadel, hunting for potions ingredients etc.

Not just going to class as Harry, learning to cast frigging Wingardium Leviosa again. A Fantasy epic set in the near future where you literally save the magical world, get an AAA team together, fund it properly, and make an actual good game in HP world and not just HP again that happens to be a game. Yes, I’m salty that I haven’t gotten to vicariously live out a wizarding life :/

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