16 Alligator Babies Shuffle Between Ponds Under Mom’s Protective Eye


Think one child is tough? Try rounding up 16 of them.

A busy alligator was filmed shuffling her babies from one pond to another at a Florida golf course this week as the tiny gators endearingly frolicked around her.

“She went back and forth all day until they were all in the big pond,” Sharon Whiting, who filmed the reptilian march from her Charlotte County backyard on Tuesday told WFLA-TV. “It took her all day because she had to move them between golfers.”

The super mom was seen standing guard throughout their move, while also hurrying back and forth between the ponds, presumably to ensure no stragglers got left behind.

Whiting said she suspected the family was relocating after their previous pond, where the babies were born in February, started to dry up.

Here’s hoping their new pond has enough room to keep all 16 babies happy.

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