Woman Snapping Selfies On California’s Highest Bridge Falls 60 Feet


A selfie taken along California’s highest bridge nearly cost a woman her life.

The woman was taking selfies in a restricted area of the Foresthill Bridge in Placer County on Tuesday when authorities say she lost her balance and plunged 60 feet.

The Placer County Sheriff’s Office, which life-flighted the injured woman from the bridge, which at its highest point stands at 730 feet, said it’s astounding she survived.

“This young lady is very lucky to be alive and the consequences could have been worse for her, her friends and her family,” the office said in a Facebook post.

Placer County Sheriffs Office

The Placer County Sheriff’s Office shared this photo showing the area where the woman fell.

The Sacramento woman was among a group of six friends posing for photos on a walkway beneath the bridge when she lost her footing and plunged over the edge, Paul Goncharuk, who was among that group told CBS 13 News.

“They were taking a picture on the bridge and then the big bolts holding the bridge together, she kind of stepped on them weirdly and lost balance and fell backwards,” he said.

The woman was knocked unconscious from the fall and suffered fractured bones that will require surgery, Goncharuk told the station.

ullstein bild via Getty Images

The Foresthill Bridge is California’s highest bridge, with its highest point reaching 730 feet off the ground.

“It’s a cool place to take pictures but honestly it’s not worth the risk,” he added.

The sheriff’s department warned that anyone caught along the bridge’s catwalk will be cited and/or arrested.

“Worse yet, you can lose your life and none of that is worth a selfie! Enjoy the bridge and canyon from the designated areas,” they said.

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