Rumor: Scorpio Reveal Will Include How It Improves Xbox 360 BC Games And 1080p TV’s; Boost Mode?


Bathyj57m ago

I know you are an Xbox fan. A fan, I am not calling you a fanboy or trying to start a fight.

Just wondering how you feel about that? MS effectively starting next gen early, but not being up front and calling it next gen. Its like they are trying to sneak the next gen in.

Actually what I think they are doing is trying to kill generations all together. I like the idea all all machine going forward being BC and playing the whole back catalog, but generally generations start to stagnate near the end and the next gen re surges and revitalizes it. Making it grow again. How is the end of generations going to effect this?

The other thing is if they drop XBOne support and move on to Scorpio, that will be 3 consoles in a row where they dropped support after about 4 years. Thats not leaving a good taste in my mouth. Its a trust thing.

Interested in your thoughts as an Xbox fan.

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