PS4 Pro vs Project Scorpio: How are the mid-generation consoles shaping up?


Update: Now that the official specs have been revealed for Project Scorpio it’s at least slightly easier to stack these two consoles up against one another. Read on to find out how the new information for Project Scorpio compares to what we already know about the PS4 Pro.

At the moment, Sony’s PS4 Pro is comfortably the most powerful games console on the market. However, it has competition fast approaching in the form of Microsoft’s upcoming Project Scorpio console which is scheduled for an E3 2017 reveal and a Holiday 2017 release. 

We know what you’re thinking – you only know Project Scorpio’s specs right now, why not wait to see how that translates into in-the-moment performance and compare the two consoles then?

That makes sense, and it’s absolutely something we will do. However, for anyone wondering whether or not they should just buy a PlayStation 4 Pro now or hold out for Project Scorpio, it’s worth taking a look at the details we have now to help you make a decision between these 4K flagships. 

Project Scorpio vs PS4 Pro graphics 

The headline feature of both of these consoles is that they’ll both be capable of outputting 4K content either natively or through a process known as upscaling. 

Though the PS4 Pro is capable of playing games in native 4K, at the moment the library of games which do so is fairly small, though growing. While you’ll be able to enjoy games like Skyrim in native 4K, at the moment the majority of Pro supported titles achieve their 4K resolutions by upscaling.

Though upscaling is inferior to native 4K content, the PS4 Pro has a couple of tricks up its sleeve. 

Each game handles its upscaling slightly differently, but a general theme so far on the PS4 Pro has been that games…

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