Nurse ‘slaps’ paralysed man in disturbing footage captured by hidden camera set up by suspicious mum


Disturbing footage captured by a hidden camera shows a nurse slapping her “defenceless” paralysed patient and treating him roughly, say prosecutors.

Dorothea Harvilik was hired to care for the severely disabled man in his home, but his mother installed the camera after she suspected he was being mistreated.

The 64-year-old was charged with assault after video showed her “wrenching” the 26-year-old patient’s head and slapping him.

The paralysed man depends on a ventilator to survive and requires around-the-clock care, according to prosecutors.

Dorothea Harvilik was charged after the video surfaced

Harvilik, of Saddle River in the US state of New Jersey, was charged with assault of a disabled person.

The former registered nurse faces up to 18 months in prison and a maximum fine of $5,000 if convicted.

She has already been stripped of her nursing credentials after the State Board of Nursing reviewed the video of her striking the bed-bound victim, say prosecutors.

The 64-year-old was stripped of her nursing credentials

Harvilik is the third caregiver in recent weeks in New Jersey to be charged with abusing a patient.

The video and other incidents caught on camera led to the creation of New Jersey’s Safe Care Cam programme.

It loans micro-surveillance cameras to residents who suspect a family member is being mistreated by an in-home caregiver.

The hidden camera was set up by the patient’s mum

Attorney General Christopher Porrino said: “The horrifying images of nurse Harvilik striking this defenceless patient and…

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