Jason Biggs and Jenny Mollen Announce Pregnancy With Hilarious Photo


Jason Biggs and Jenny Mollen are having another baby!

On Wednesday, the “American Pie” and “Orange is the New Black” actor and his best-selling author and actress wife shared the news that they are expecting their second child. Biggs and Mollen are already parents to a 3-year-old son named Sid. 

The couple announced their pregnancy news with a funny Instagram post, featuring a gadget parents know all too well.

The photo shows Mollen using a Fridababy NoseFrida snotsucker on her husband. 

“This is how I told my son babies are made,” she wrote in the caption, along with the hashtags #numbertwo #nosefrida #teetsreincarnated.

Mollen and Biggs don’t hesitate to get real about their parenting experience. Shorty after announcing their baby news, the expectant mama posted a video her husband filmed during a bout of pregnancy nausea.

Congratulations, Jenny and Jason! And good luck!

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