Exclusive Third Party 4K Patches Could Be The Next Exclusive Rights War Between Sony And Microsoft


rainslacker52m ago

I really hope not. While not directly related, this seems like it is counter to Sony’s own policy of not charging for patches. Seems if Sony is going to finance some exclusive 4K patch, that’s the dev getting money, which is essentially them charging for it. I assume MS will have a similar policy, and the same would go for them if that were the case. Even though it’s not a cost passed onto the consumer, it’s still a crappy practice, and I feel that 4K adoption would be much faster if the companies didn’t play this kind of exclusive content game. On top of that, I’d hate for anyone who jumped into a mid-gen upgrade to get the short end of the stick after spending money to support this mid gen paradigm. This, to me, is beyond console preference, but rather, what’s better for the consumer as a whole.

Beyond that, I feel that the adoption rate of 4K is so low right now that it’s kind of pointless to try and grab a small sliver of the market based on this idea. Even now, the 4K TV market is less than 10%, with less than half of that being HDR capable. Would just be wasted money on the console makers part.

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