Distraught mother threw dead body of 35kg anorexic model daughter in suitcase into sea after ‘losing her mind’


A distraught mother packed the naked dead body of her anorexic former model daughter into a suitcase and threw it into the sea.

These are the first pictures of Russian woman Katerina Laktionova, 27, whose “severely malnourished” remains were found in the sea off Rimini, Italy, by local fishermen.

The 48-year-old mother – who has not been named but worked in Italy as a nurse – flew back to Russia after disposing of her body.

She then told a friend in Rimini that she had gone “mad because of the tragedy” of her daughter’s death from anorexia and “wanted to wipe away all memories of her”.

The suitcase with the body of Katerina Laktionova at Rimini, Italy

Bursting into tears, she told her male friend: “She’s dead. I looked at her for days, and then I lost my mind and closed her in a suitcase and threw her into the water.”

The friend had earlier confronted her: “Tell me the truth, is your daughter alive or dead?”

She had kept her corpse for a week before dropping her in the sea, she admitted.

Katerina Laktionova

Italian police have launched a criminal probe into the circumstances of the woman’s death, and disposal of her body in the sea.

It is understood Katerina weighed only 35 kilograms when she died.

She was described as “flesh and bones”.

Returning to Russia, the mother shared her story with a friend who promptly called the police.

Reports say the Russian woman – who was not named – had long realised that her daughter was seriously ill and had sought to help her over a long period.

Recently, she wanted to take her back to Russia for treatment.

The suitcase with the body of Katerina Laktionova at Rimini, Italy

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