Comcast will launch $65 / month unlimited mobile service later this year


After years of discussion, Comcast is finally getting ready to launch its wireless phone service.

The service will be called Xfinity Mobile, and it’s supposed to launch sometime in the near future.

It isn’t going to be widely available, however. Xfinity Mobile will only be available to Comcast’s existing customers — the company’s goal here is to build an even bigger bundle for existing TV, landline, and internet subscribers.

Most Comcast customers will be able to subscribe to an Xfinity Mobile plan with unlimited data for $65 per month per line, but customers with some of the more expensive X1 TV plans will be able to get it for only $45 per month. Comcast will also offer a pay-as-you-go service for $12 per gigabyte.

Those prices are slightly cheaper than typical wireless plans, and Comcast is hoping a few other perks will draw customers in: it won’t charge arbitrary line access fees; it’ll let families have some phones on the unlimited plan and others on the pay-as-you-go plan; and it’ll let pay-as-you-go customers switch in the middle of a month over to an unlimited plan, without penalty. It’s also offering 24/7 support over text message.

At launch, Xfinity Mobile will support phones from Apple, Samsung, and LG — though only a selection from each. It’ll have the last two years of iPhone models, it’ll have Samsung’s S7 and S8 models, and it’ll offer LG’s X Power, a midrange phone with a large battery in it.

Comcast’s offering is going to be pretty different from the typical wireless service. Rather than owning and operating its own cell towers, Comcast is essentially renting wireless space from Verizon — so Comcast’s…

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