Chris Pratt Returns With What’s My Snack?—and This Time, He’s Rapping


You know the expression, “Don’t play with your food?” Chris Pratt has never heard it.

In between takes on the set of Universal Pictures’ upcoming Jurassic World sequel, the 37-year-old actor filmed another installment of his viral “What’s My Snack?” series. Pratt, who is on a diet, shared the new video on Facebook Wednesday and decided to shake things up by rapping: “What’s up? It’s your boy Chris Pratt / Coming back with an episode of What’s My Snack? / Last chapter / You ain’t seen nothin’ / What’s my snack? / It’s a carrot cake muffin / I’ll be stuffin’ this muff up in my grill / Look at the carrot cake crumbs I spill / I don’t even like it but I’m eatin’ it still / ‘Cause I’m sitting her witherin’ away to nothin’ / Uh-oh, eating carrot cake muffin.”

Who knew the actor could beat box, too?

Pratt shared a close-up of his 180-calorie snack, which has 8 grams of fat, 8 grams of protein and 18 total carbs. “Ooh, it’s so good!” Pratt raved. “More like What’s My Crack? That’s good!”

The actor savored every bite, explaining, “I can’t afford to drop a crumb!”

With a devilish grin, the actor said, “Can I be honest with you? This is my snack for tomorrow!”

Pratt kept things just as humorous in the caption that accompanied his video. “It is said that when you fast you have visions. It goes back to the Bible and probably before. It’s a spiritual experience to say the least. I’m not fasting per se but I am definitely at the point in this diet where I’ve began metabolizing my own brain for energy,” he told his followers. “Not to brag.”

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