Adobe teases AI-based tools to make great portrait photos out of lousy ones


Smartphones are by far the world’s most popular cameras, but they certainly aren’t the best. Portrait photos, for example, often look awkward because of the wide-angle lens, flat because there is limited depth-of-field, and boring, because the photographer usually doesn’t have any special skills or access to advanced post-processing tools. Smartphone vendors including Google with the Pixel camera and Apple with the iPhone 7 Plus dual camera, are beginning to provide the needed hardware and some of the software to address these issues, but Adobe plans to push the envelope quite a bit further.

But will it make you a better photographer?

In a new video that teases the future of Adobe’s Sensei “AI” technology and its integration into smartphones, Adobe demonstrates how computational imaging can be used to address creating a more pleasing perspective and add a depth-of-field effect or even a different background. While the video is just a contrived video, it seems clear from watching it that these features will require some combination of either multiple imagers on the phone or the capture of several different versions of the portrait from slightly different perspectives — so don’t expect it to magically transform your current phone’s camera.

Adobe takes things a step further in this video, and shows simple “one-click” access to pleasing photographic styles. This is similar to the style transfer capability that Adobe Research teased earlier this week, but simplified and…

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