A Real Protester Gives Oregon Mayor A Pepsi. It Didn’t End Well.


Oh no. Someone tried to make the Pepsi revolution a real thing.

A city council meeting in Portland, Oregon, was interrupted Wednesday morning by a protester who rushed up to the mayor, pulled a can of Pepsi from his jacket and handed it to him.

What I realized is that the language of resistance has not been properly translated,” the protester told council members before approaching Mayor Ted Wheeler. “So this is for you.”

“Whoa, whoa, whoa,” the mayor said nervously. “Not a good move! Don’t do that again. Not a smart move.” 

The protester then pulled another soda from his jacket, snapped it open and raised his can to the mayor. Two police officers quickly intervened and escorted the man away, according to The Oregonian.

Portland City Council/eGov PDX

A protester approaches Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler with a can of Pepsi.

Portland City Council/eGov PDX

Two police officers escort the man away.

The stunt was reminiscent of Pepsi’s recent tone-deaf commercial in which Kendall Jenner solves police-on-protester brutality by offering a can of the soda to a cop. Much like Jenner’s ad, which Pepsi pulled from YouTube on Wednesday and issued an apology, the real-life Portland protester’s stunt made everyone very uncomfortable.

The Pepsi-wielding man claimed to be Carlos Enrique, a Portland transplant and former journalist at the Boston Herald. (The Herald did not immediately return HuffPost’s request to verify Enrique’s employment there.)


A still from Pepsi’s controversial ad, where Kendall Jenner somehow solves police brutality by handing a police officer a can of Pepsi. The ad was pulled shortly after it debuted.

Enrique testified before the council during a hearing on the…

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