6 Juiciest Stories From Alec Baldwin’s Memoir Nevertheless



Alec Baldwin is an open book in his new memoir, Nevertheless, released Tuesday.

The 30 Rock alumnus opens up about everything, from his drug-riddled past to the infamous voicemail left to daughter Ireland Baldwin. He doesn’t hold back on anything, giving full accounts of his biggest regrets. Nevertheless provides tons of insight into some of Hollywood’s biggest stars and what happened behind-the-scenes to Baldwin and everyone else.

Here are the six juiciest excerpts from Nevertheless:

1. On a cocaine binge at the Salishan Lodge: “I sit and pack cocaine, musket-style, into cigarettes…I adopted this method some years before, in order to walk along Columbus Avenue and get high while cruising the Upper West Side,” Baldwin writes.

“I turn to it now to calm myself with something familiar. That’s right. Calming myself by smoking cocaine at three a.m. or perhaps I’m doing this because addiction forces you to a place of inevitability that must include overwhelming risk, shame, or death.”

2. On working with Oliver Stone: “Stone drove the cast and crew to drink a lot each night to blow off steam, which was not an option for me…and he is certainly not the most unpleasant person I’ve worked with,” he writes. “But Stone opened my eyes to the Machiavellian filmmaker who would throw his own mother down a flight of stairs if it would help him get his project financed, get the shot he wanted, or…

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