Tom Brady Jersey Hero Says He Called NFL Security Twice … They Never Called Back! (VIDEO)


Tom Brady Jersey Hero

I Called NFL Security Twice

… They Never Called Back!

4/5/2017 11:29 AM PDT


The guy who led the FBI to the stolen Tom Brady Super Bowl jerseys says he TRIED to give the tip to the NFL security team … BUT THEY BLEW HIM OFF!!!!

We spoke with Dylan Wagner — the 19-year-old sports memorabilia collector who was innocently doing business with Mauricio Ortega when he realized the guy was in possession of stolen property.

Wagner tells TMZ Sports … when he got the photo proof Ortega had the goods, he went to the NFL, the Patriots and the Houston P.D. … but no one took him seriously.

Eventually, Wagner says he went to his friend — who happens to be a special agent at the ATF — and that guy helped escalate the situation to the FBI.

By the way, Wagner also says he tried to buy the Brady jersey from Ortega — but Mauricio got cold feet and insisted it was a “great fake.”

Wagner says he hasn’t heard from the NFL or the Patriots yet — but would love to meet Tom Brady one day … who happens to be his hero.

“If I get to meet Brady, I’ll ask him for a jersey.”

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