Shark attack survivor whose leg was ripped off by MONSTER great white surfs again with prosthetic limb


A shark attack survivor whose leg was ripped off by a six-metre great white is back surfing almost two years after the near-fatal attack.

Chris Blowes was bitten by the beast when he was surfing at Port Lincoln, in South Australia, on ANZAC Day, in 2015.

Shocked witnesses described the “monster” mammal swimming away with Chris’ leg and a surfboard in its jaws.

His brave friends rescued him from the water – preventing the shark from attacking him a second time.

Doctors later told Chris that his mates saved his life by using a surfboard leg rope as a tourniquet.

Chris Blowes takes first steps after losing leg in shark attack

Chris is finally back doing what he loves

The confident surfer’s heart stopped for an incredible 90 minutes after the terrifying attack.

But he remarkably made a full recovery after being flown to Royal Adelaide Hospital.

The 28-year-old, with the help of a prosthetic leg, took to the waves again on Sunday.

Friends and family were quick to congratulate Chris on social media, describing him as as “inspirational”, “courageous” and “determined”.

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