School Principal Resigns After Student Journalists Investigate Her Credentials


An intrepid team of high school journalism students in Kansas is receiving nationwide recognition after an investigative piece questioning their incoming principal’s qualifications led to her abrupt resignation this week.

Amy Robertson, who had been hired in March and planned to undertake the leading role at Pittsburg High School in July, resigned from the top position on Tuesday, the school district announced. The news came four days after the school’s student-run paper, the Booster Redux, ran a front-page story that questioned Robertson’s background.

The report said the students typically file a story on new administrators, and with their superintendent’s encouragement, reached out to interview Robertson, who currently lives in Dubai. During their discussion with her, they said, Robertson “presented incomplete answers, conflicting dates and inconsistencies in her responses.”

Such issues included her having obtained her masters and doctorate degrees from Corllins University. Quick online searches found it was accused of being a “diploma mill” where anyone can purchase degrees and certifications.

Robertson, when reached by The Kansas City Star, said she received her bachelor’s degree from the University of Tulsa and her Corllins degrees in 1994 and 2010 when “there was no issue.” She added that she had no comment on the students’ questions, “because their concerns are not based on facts.” 

U.S. Department of Education officials told the Star there was no evidence that Corllins is currently in operation, nor is there any record of it having closed since 1986.

Both the school’s website and Facebook page ― which appears to feature photos of people taken from other websites,…

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