‘Hopeless Romantic’ Michelle Branch Is Proud To Be A Part Of The ‘TRL’ Generation


We haven’t heard a solo track from Michelle Branch in 14 years, but that doesn’t mean she’s put down the guitar, an instrument that’s been synonymous with her name since her 2001 hit “Everywhere.”

“I’ve been continuing to work on music during the gap,” the singer-songwriter told The Huffington Post. “I hear it, I always get to hear it, but to actually have other people hear it outside of my circle means it’s real.”

After soundtracking teenage love and heartbreak with her early releases “The Spirit Room” and “Hotel Paper,” and later joining forces with Jessica Harp to form the country group The Wreckers in the mid-aughts, it seemed Branch had dropped off the musical map somewhat. Over the years, she split with Harp, got married, had a daughter, and was ensnarled in a creatively stifling contract that wasn’t working out. Through it all, Branch kept creating.

Finally, fans will see the fruits of her labor. Her upcoming album, “Hopeless Romantic,” is out April 7 — a project she recorded after her divorce and while starting a new relationship with Black Keys drummer Patrick Carney, also a co-producer. Fans of Branch’s earlier music will recognize common themes in her subject matter: falling in love, feeling vindictive toward an ex, returning to a connection you know is bad. Yet now Branch is approaching them with 33 years of experience rather than 18 or 20, giving the lyrics more nuance and assuredness. The more you love, and the more responsibility you begin to take as an adult, she seems to say, the less sure you are of anything. But, as a self-proclaimed hopeless romantic, it’s territory she’ll trawl again and again.

Below, hear about Branch’s new sound, how she’ll…

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