Guy gets Nintendo Switch back with wrong save data


KingCosmic1h ago(Edited 1h ago)

Nintendo is it 2017!!!

And you still don’t have a proper account system!! This “Nintendo Account” is shit!

You can sign in on the Nintendo website…but you can’t do anything with it, just see your purchases.

You can’t use it to log back into a new switch and just download your shit…FUCKING RETARDED

Nintendo’s online is a complete joke, and I highly doubt when we pay for it, that it’ll be anywhere near as good as PSN/LIVE

They get away with it to because 95% of Nintendo fanbase defends them and thinks it doesn’t matter, Nintendo must be laughing at all these clowns who are going to re-buy Mario 64 for the millionth time.

Xbox LIVE in 2005, 12 years ago!! Had better online and more services/features than the Nintendo Switch does in 2017…laughable.

You can’t even message a friend on the Switch…you can only see what they are playing ahaha…..that is how pathetic it is…

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