Fake VPN services are popping up after GOP Congress kills privacy rules


Last week, Congress voted to kill FCC regulations that would have prevented ISPs from selling your personal browser history to third party “trusted partners.” This week, President Trump signed that bill into law. Interest in VPNs has skyrocketed as a result, but at least a few scam companies are trying to take advantage of the trend.

Vice has details on the latest scam, which appears to be linked to hacks of the Plex and Boxee forums, which exposed email addresses of forum users. In this case, a web “service” named “MySafeVPN” began sending messages to both Plex and Boxee users claiming to be affiliated with their respective services.


Image by Vice

Vice investigated and eventually proved that the service is nothing but a scam, run by individuals purporting to be affiliated with the two companies. When presented with direct quotes from Plex confirming they weren’t, the MySafeVPN service providers ‘went ballistic,’ screaming at the reporter and angrily asserting that the only reason he was taking Plex’s side is because the owner had promised to (and I swear, this is a direct quote), “want me [the reporter] off” in exchange for good press.

While this scenario is rather funny, all things considered, it does underline a serious problem. If your friends and family are considering a VPN, or if you want to test one yourself, make certain you are dealing with a reputable company with some proven time in the business. We’ve written our own guide to VPN services and I’ve…

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